Your Boring Life Gamified


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Hate doing the dishes – gamify it! Hate doing your taxes – gamify it! We all have things we dislike doing so Lauren Ferro, Phd Researcher at the GEElab in the Centre for Game Design Research has been thinking of ways to personalise gameful approaches so they can be applied to our boring and regular mundane tasks.

In this workshop attendees will have the opportunity to gamify their mundane task by designing an engaging, motivating system. Working in teams participants will gain a better understanding about the concept of gamification and how to design more meaningful gamified systems by working in their Persona groups to create a paper prototype of a gamified system.

This event is part of Melbourne Knowledge Week 19 October – 25 October 2015, proudly presented by the City of Melbourne

Tuesday 20 October

10am – 1pm

RMIT Design Hub, Level 10, Pavilion 4

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