Fabio Zambetta

Fabio Zambetta

Dr Fabio Zambetta

Director of Artificial Intelligence for
Game Design

Computer Science and Information

Ph: +61 3 9925 9694

Email: fabio.zambetta@rmit.edu.au



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Dr Fabio Zambetta is the Director of the Artificial Intelligence for Game Design node and also a Senior Lecturer in the School of CS&IT, RMIT University.

As Coordinator for the Games & Graphics Programming degree (BP215) Fabio teaches units devoted to game development, advanced games programming an AI in (computer) games. He has been instrumental in setting up the core studio-based units in the Games & Graphics Programming as well as the Games Design degrees. As such, Fabio has about 10 years experience in delivering studio-based introductory classes in a multi disciplinary environment and has taught specialist units in games AI, machine learning, computer graphics and virtual reality over the last 15 years.

Fabio’s research interests focus on AI in computer games, Procedural Content Generation, Interactive Narrative and the use of MachineLearning in those. He is also interested in Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality and Natural User Interfaces and he is leading an ARC Linkage project on the use of those technologies in Village Roadshow’s theme parks on the Gold Coast.

As a keen programmer he tends to do a fair amount of work in C/C++, C# and Python. He uses Matlab & Octave for prototyping; middleware such as Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4 and The AI Sandbox. In the past, Fabio has also used (and taught) Unreal Engine 2.X & 3.X, Neverwinter Night’s Aurora & Electron engines and Quake/Doom engines.



Machine Learning
Robotics, Adaptive Agents
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Mixed Reality
Procedural Content Generation
Interactive Narrative
Automated Games Design
Decision support systems
Data Analytics
Dynamic Systems
Game Theory
Mathematical Modelling
Statistical Inference



Village Roadshow Theme Parks
Village Roadshow Video Busters
Automated Game Mastering


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