Jussi Holopainen

Jussi Holopainen

Dr Jussi Holopainen

Postdoc Research Associate, Games Design

Global Development, RMIT Spain

Ph: +34 63243 6069

E: jussi.holopainen@rmit.edu.au


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Dr Jussi Holopainen is a Research Associate, RMIT Europe. Dr. Holopainen’s research has focused on game design, playful design, and using games outside of leisure contexts. His latest work has examined playful and game design for positive behaviour change.

He holds a PhD in Digital Game Development from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden, and has been researching game design and gameplay experience since 1998, having authored or co-authored many academic publications and patents. Dr Holopainen serves as a member of the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) executive board and is a member of several program committees such as Games and Culture, Game Studies, Advances in Computer Entertainment, and the DiGRA annual conference.

Before moving to RMIT Europe in early 2016, he was previously the European Co-Director for RMIT’s Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory in Germany. He has also served senior research management positions at the Nokia Research Center (NRC) and has been involved in coordinating several industry and academia collaboration projects.


Game Design Research
User Experience Research
Playful Design
Game Design Patterns
Pervasive Games
Urban Play
Game Research Methodology


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