The 2016 NGV Architecture Commission “Haven’t you always wanted…?” by M@STUDIO Architects is complemented by a project that enables visitors to redesign the architecture in virtual reality. In a digital world set within a hyperreal version of the NGV Garden, visitors are invited to select new colours, materials and surfaces for the architecture.
This world simulates the passing of a whole day in only three minutes: colours shift, planets loom large, day rapidly turns to night and the backdrop of virtual Melbourne morphs into a scene of peace and solitude, surrounded by trees and the starry night sky. Each change made to the structure results in shifting light and shadow patterns – highlighting the potential of virtual reality as a tool for design and architecture.
This collaborative project brings together expertise from researchers in the RMIT Centre for Game Design Research, M@STUDIO Architects and d_Lab RMIT and developed by recent graduates of the Bachelor of Design (Games) and Bachelor of IT (Games Graphics Programming) program at RMIT.

Exhibition times
Weekends in December 2016 and January 2017 11am – 3pm
First week of January 2017, Monday 2 January to Friday 6 January from 11am – 3pm
NGV Teen Art Party from 5pm to 9pm

VR Experience and Interaction Design RMIT, Centre for Game Design Research
A/Prof Stefan Greuter (Concept Design, Experience Design and Project Management)
Yvette Wouters (Programming)
Stephanie Kelso (3D Model Conversion)
Josh Tatangelo (3D Modelling and Design)
Alexander Perrin (Technical Art)
Dom Willmott (Music and Sound Design)
Brad Hammond (Fan Software Programming)
Daniel Macnish (Fan Hardware Design)
Garry Keltie (Computer Hardware Design)

VR Creative Direction and Concept Design, Architectural Design, Visualisation and 3D Modelling, M@ STUDIO Architects
A/Prof Vivian Mitsogianni (d__Lab RMIT)
Prof Mark Jacques (d__Lab RMIT)
Dean Boothroyd
Cameron Newnham (d__Lab RMIT)
Karla Martinez (d__Lab RMIT)
With thanks to Leona Dusanovic, Thomas Sheehan and Kerry Kounnapis (VR concept design input).

Architectural Design
M@ STUDIO Architects, NGV Architecture Commission 2016, “Haven’t you always wanted…”
“If only…” uses the architectural design, visualisation and 3D model produced by M@ STUDIO Architects for the 2016 NGV Architecture Commission titled: “Haven’t you always wanted…”
designed by: Dean Boothroyd, Vivian Mitsogianni, Mark Jacques, Karla Martinez, Kerry Kounnapis, Leona Dusanovic, Thomas Sheehan, Cameron Newnham and Luke Tuckman.

With thanks to the input of:
Dr. Fleur Watson
Monika Engelhard

Ewan McEoin
Romina Callabro
Cherie Schweitzer
Kathleen Duffy
Katherine Chien
Matt Lim
Nicole Monteiro

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