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On the 8th May, Dr Steffen Walz Director of the RMIT Games and Experimental Entertainment Lab (GEElab) was one of four experts at Idea Bombing Melbourne #1 Playful City discussion. Held at ArtPlay in the City of Melbourne, the event was developed to call upon experts to explore the social, cultural, physical and technology driven elements that unite us through play. Through the discussion it was uncovered that XXXXXX  and xxxx were This was followed by an ideas bombing session where participants could contribute their own ideas on how to make Melbourne more playful.

This event was the first of its kind held



Idea Bombing Melbourne #1: Playful City

The inaugural Idea Bombing Melbourne event Playful City at Melbourne’s ArtPlay, to take place on Friday, 8 May 2015, features residents as well as four experts who are actively involved in making Melbourne a more playful city – amongst them GEElab director, Dr Steffen P Walz.

Idea Bombing Melbourne will call upon these four experts as well as the residents, an engaged, mischievious and creative bunch. The four speakers will explore the social, cultural, physical and technology-driven elements that unite us through play, imagining a future where our children learn through games, our places of work and study are spaces that we gravitate towards, and also delve into the potential of play to make our community more connected.

Then once the speakers got the lowdown, it’s up to the audience, to ‘bomb’ their ideas on the Idea Wall with great tunes and drinks to hand. Guiding questions include:
• How can we make Melbourne a more playful city?
• How do we foster more playful attitudes in our daily lives?
• What can we do to embrace playfulness at work, at home, on the streets and with one-another?

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