Disruptive Critters

Jonathan Duckworth’s grant application to Creative Victoria for financial assistance through the VicArts Grants funding program was successful. Martin Foley MP, Minister for Creative Industries, has approved a grant of $27,000.00 toward this purpose. This success would not have been possible without the funding from the school research committee to support the writing of the grant.

Project details:
Recipient: RMIT Gallery on behalf of Jonathan Duckworth
Project title: Disruptive Critters
Duration: 1/12/2016 – 1/06/2017

At a time when artificial intelligence (AI) is on the cusp of self-awareness, Disruptive Critters explores digital disruption, through the theatrical, performative possibilities of autonomous computer generated agents, interactive media and digital design in collaboration with composer Dr James Hullick (Jolt Arts Inc).

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