Disconnections EXHIBITION

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In April 2015 Dr Jonathan Duckworth from the RMIT’s  Creative intervention, Art and Rehabilitative Technology Lab (CiART) was involved in an exhibition about living with hearing loss.

‘Disconnections’ was a free multimedia exhibition by established media artist and academic, Associate Professor Dr Patricia Adams and was presented by a broad range of partners including CiArt, Australia Council for the Arts, HEARnet, VIC Deaf, University of Melbourne and the RMIT Health Innovations Research Institute.

Held at the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre in Carlton, the interactive exhibition allowed participants to experience what hearing loss feels like. Set in an urban environment the two artworks explore the frustration and unease encountered by a hearing impaired pedestrian. Distorted speech and confusing visual messages are part of the challenges the pedestrian faces.  With a rise in hearing impairment due to extended exposure to loud noise in young and older adults, the exhibition aims to raise awareness about deafness to the broader community.

With many collaborators on the project, Dr Adams was able to gain art development support by working with Dr Duckworth at CiArt.

“This collaborative relationship with CiART has been instrumental in providing the research expertise and knowledge essential in communicating and translating the complexities of art/science concepts through contemporary media art,” Dr Adams said.

The Disconnections  exhibition is what is hoped to be a continuing partnership between Associate Professor Dr Adams and CiART Director Dr Jonathan Duckworth.


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