Two Grant Successes for Dr Adam Nash

14 September 2017

Dr Adam Nash is a CI on a $200K grant from the Department of Communication and the Arts, Indigenous Languages and Arts Program. The project is called Wingaru Byalla-Bada (Thinking about Language from Now and Into the Future – Dharug Language). The project is an exciting virtual art and Dharug language project aimed at reviving and maintaining the highly endangered Western Sydney language by creating a learning environment within an immersive, interactive virtual reality (VR) art space. The main language being taught will be the Dharug Buruberougal language of Western Sydney, with added reference to the Dharawal Bidjigal language of the southern Sydney area. I will be working with the indigenous artists Aroha Groves, Richard Green, Leanne Tobin, Troy Russell and Jacinta Tobin, along with the celebrated non-indigenous artists David Haines and Joyce Hinterding. It is a two year project.

Dr Nash’s other grant success is a collaboration with his colleague Dr John McCromick (Swinburne). Dr Nash and Dr McCromick were successful in getting a City of Melbourne grant for $10K to develop our robotic/AI work City of Androids, a development of their work Child in the Wild which they recently staged at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore. The new iteration involves letting people take their robots for a walk in the city, interacting with various aspects of the AI the duo has developed.

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