Lisa Dethridge

Dr Lisa Dethridge

Media and Communication

Ph: +61 3 9925 9855



RMIT Staff Profile
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A core member RMIT Centre for Game Design Research, Dethridge co-designs “serious” games for a variety of industry applications.  Trained as a systems analyst and in Hollywood storytelling, Dethridge researches AI, VR and robotics focusing on the construction of adaptive, distributed intelligent information systems, often bridging arts and science. Her approach to the intersection of people and technology is about building trust and community.  Emphasizing the ethical application of Artificial Intelligence she asks – how may human evolution may best be assisted by Virtual Reality and robotics?

Specialist in global and industry collaboration demonstrated in research partner events with CSIRO, with Microsoft, with Global Campus Network (Ryerson Uni. Toronto) and with the Centre for Online International Learning at the State University of New York (SUNY COIL.)

Dethridge focuses on emergent communication pathways at the “bleeding edge” of technological innovation using telecoms, games and robots as virtual collaboration tools. Her applied knowledge of information architecture, A.I., storytelling and human-computer interaction is applied across media and across disciplines. Her extensive production experience for screen and digital media includes social networks and the design or real, virtual and mixed-reality environments for commerce, medicine, disaster resilience, wellness, entertainment, publishing and online learning.

Training:  New York University PhD  Media Ecology, Digital Media Design; Systems Analysis: History and Philosophy of Science. Script analysis and screen production Fox, MTV, ETV, CBS, Working Title.  Digital art exhibitions include Science Museum of Trinity College Dublin and Pratt Institute of Arts and Engineering, New York.  Experienced across industry sectors in public policy (United Nations), aerospace (NASA) plus pioneering user experience for virtual environments (ABC Television, Telstra Bigpond and the RMIT Second Life Campus.)

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