Finalist Nomination for the Premiers Design Award

The Storytelling Machine by Dr Betty Sargeant and team members Justin Dwyer Peter Walker and Andrew Ogburn has been nominated for a Premiers Design Award.

The Storytelling Machine is a digital system that delivers a collective story made from crowd-sourced content. The story is told through text and images that are projected onto surfaces in an exhibition space.

Audiences draw characters, place them into our custom-made photo-booth and watch as their characters are instantly animated across video ‘worlds’. People also contribute short story texts in any language. The machine generates real-time graphics, randomly displaying audience contributions.

Ultimately this installation presents a disjointed contemporary narrative; an imprint of what it’s like to live in digitally connected automated cultures where people oscillate between geographic and virtual realities.

Dr Betty Sargeant is a Creator-in-Residence at Asia Culture Centre [South Korea], Melbourne Knowledge Fellow [2015-17] and Artist-in-Residence at Exertion Games Lab [RMIT University], within the Centre for Game Design Research

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